En attendant Omar Gatlato

February 12th- May 16th 2021 at Friche Belle de Mai, France

En attendant Omar Gatlato presents twenty-eight artists from Algeria and its diaspora. Presented at Friche Belle de Mai and curated by Natasha Marie Llorens.  This unprecedented perspective on the Algerian artistic context includes art works from 1965 to the present day, including several new commissions. It is inspired by Merzack Allouache’s classic film, Omar Gatlato, known as the the first Algerian film to center on an individual experience of emancipation and self-discovery. Like the film that inspired it, En attendant Omar Gatlato exhibits work that, at the scale of everyday experience, is saturated with surreal humor, meticulous attention to the body, and ambivalent sense of belonging. 


For the show Adel Bentounsi is presenting Bibliothèque Arabe, a newly commissioned work.



15 February 2021